1.3.0 16/03/2016

  • stable version synchronised with F1000 v2 paper.
  • add a new notebook example (D9C1)
  • all Challenge constructor have now the following parameters: verbose, download and **kargs so that if another parameter is added, no code will need to be changed.
  • documentation added for D7C4 to install Perl dependencies

1.2.6 02/03/2016

    • since dreamtools is now in bioconda, we removed the installation scripts conda_install.bat and
    • Doc updates.
    • conda recipes in ./conda removed (now in bioconda-recipes project)


  • More cleanup for conda (removing tests from the distribution)


  • cleanup for bioconda


  • CHANGES: improved documentation
  • NEWS: 2 installer for linux/mac and for windows


  • NEWS: add –version in dreamtools standalone
  • NEWS: add


  • Some synapse data requires the synapse’s user to accept the conditions of use on the synapse web page (by clicking on some widgets. In dreamtools, if the terms have not been accepted, there was just an error message from synapse. We now catch the error, print a more friendly message and open the synapse project so that the user can browse through the project directly to accept the conditions.


  • Better handling of errors and more friendly messages in the dreamtools standalone app.


  • Fixes a couple of Python3 issues
  • Finalise travis integration. Coverage and testing simplified but allows Travis to finish on time. May add back tests little by little in the future.
  • Update README and doc.


  • Portage to Python3
  • Add missing data files in D7C1
  • Discard tests related to D9C3, which is not yet included.


first official release synchronized with submission to F1000 F1000 link


  • adding license
  • adding onweb option in the executable.
  • settings now uses CustomConfig class from easydev rather than a local implementation.
  • fixing the distribution (MANIFEST)
  • adding a docker example
  • fixing Login to be interactive not jsut an error
  • Fix MANIFEST to add missing cython file and README.rst
  • All challenges from DREAM2 to DREAM8 are included except for D6C2, D7C2 and

D8C3. D6C2 and D7C2 may be included soon and D8C3 is available on an external site. D8.5 and D9.5 and D9C1 also available.


  • CHANGES: some changes in dream2/dream3 to finalise all those challenges.


  • NEWS: add dreamtools.dream9.scoring.D9C1 challenge
  • NEWS: add dreamtools.dream6.scoring.D6C3 challenge


  • Upgrade version to higher number to reflect the fact that the package is now more robust


  • Add a bunch of other challenges mostly D2/D3/D4/D5 and fixes + tests


  • NEWS: some new classes dreamtools.dream2 related to DREAM2
  • NEWS: add dreamtools.dream5.scoring.D5C1 challenge in Dreamtools
  • NEWS: add dreamtools.dream3.scoring.D3C2 challenge in Dreamtools
  • NEWS: add dreamtools.dream3.scoring.D3C3 challenge in Dreamtools
  • NEWS: add dreamtools.dream3.scoring.D3C4 challenge in Dreamtools
  • Changes: fix dreamtools.dream4.scoring.D4C2 challenge in Dreamtools


  • NEWS: add dreamtools.dream4.scoring.D4C2 challenge in Dreamtools
  • NEWS: add dreamtools.dream4.scoring.D4C1 challenge in Dreamtools
  • CHANGES: move a download_data method from D5C2 into the Challenge main class to factorise some code.


  • NEWS: add D4C3 challenge in Dreamtools


  • NEWS: added dreamtools-layout for the developer to automatically create a challenge layout
  • CHANGES: dreamtools-scoring now handles automatically new challenges providing the Challenge class has the mehod score() and download_template() available.


  • NEWS: add D9dot5C1 challenge


  • NEWS: Challenge D8C1, D8C2, D5C2, D7C1 (D6C1) available
  • NEWS: dreamtools-scoring standalone provided